Islamabad - The twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are facing shortage of bus stops besides dearth of civic facilities there, causing enormous inconvenience to commuters. Hundreds of passengers visit Pirwadhai, Pak Secretariat, Karachi Company and Faizabad every day but the number of washrooms established at these bus stops is not sufficient to fulfil their requirements and are not in good condition. A large number of vendors also spend the whole day at these stops to earn their livelihood.

Muhammad Rauf, a passenger at Faizabad, told this agency that he came here from Faisalabad with his family and heading towards Taxila and was waiting for a free toilet for half an hour. “ Most of the passengers, particularly females and children suffer worst due to the problem,” he remarked.

The passengers travelling through public transport daily, complained regarding shortage of dust bins at these stops which compelling the commuters and shopkeepers to throw garbage at road side. “A number of fruit vendors earn their livelyhood at these bus stop,  and buyers are left with no option but to throw the garbage at road side due to lack of dust bins,” said Azeem Ahmed at Zeropoint bus stop.

Another commuter, Saeed said that garbage heaps could be seen at the bus stops which give an ugly look.

Bilal Ahmed, another passenger at G-9 Karachi Company bus stop said that the fruits waste scattered at different places could pose a hazard to the commuters, like banana skin due to which people might be injured, but the concerned authorities paid no heed towards it. Moreover shortage of chairs could be witnessed at almost every bus stop of the twin cities. The Commuters urged the concerned authorities to provide civic facilities at bus stops on priority.