Dear Governor sahib, let me congratulate you for getting a brand new Mercedes Benz . I am sure it will be very expensive, beyond the imagination of a poor person like me. In our country everything is coming through loans from international agencies. I do not know how much interest will be paid by people like me where more than fifty percent of population are living below the poverty line but do not bother, your excellency. Enjoy your stay and very comfortable ride in your brand new car. If ever you pass through any small city just look through the window. You will see dying patients in the hospitals due to lack of medicines and not caring doctors. You will also see two patients lying on one bed without bed sheets and torn plastic sheets. Do not look towards stinking wash rooms with broken sanitary wares and missing water taps. On the other side of the window you will see Scool like building without staff and furniture but please do not bother as our highly educated minister of education says that our education system is one the best in the world. My assessment may be wrong. Please do not take your very costly car inside the cities. Your car will be spoiled due to broken roads and filthy sewage water running on the streets. Keep your windows closed with AC running to avoid the smell.

When you enter Lahore enjoy the beautiful metro and orange train with fly overs and smell of fresh flowers all around. I wish you could refuse to get this car and travel in a smaller car as you used to do earlier and set an example for others. Anyway enjoy your stay in the governor house.


Lahore, December 1.