Islamabad - The counsel of an internationally renowned social worker has again approached the Supreme Court for transfer of her murder case from Karachi registry to Islamabad principal seat.

Parveen Rehman, a renowned social worker and Director of the Orangi Pilot Project was murdered in Karachi in 2013.

Sindh police registered an FIR on the directions of the Supreme Court but so far they have failed to arrest the main culprit. On the other hand the family members of Parveen Rehman are being threatened by the killers.

The top court had taken suo moto of the incident on the applications of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, and 11 persons belonging to civil society groups.

The case had been heard at Islamabad registry till 06.07.2015, but former Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk transferred the case to Karachi registry as it was related to Sindh provincial capital.

It was fixed before Karachi registry twice on 28.07.2015 and 04.09.2015, but was adjourned as the counsel for the deceased Raheel Kamran Sheikh underwent angiography after that his medical condition was not such that he could travel to Karachi for argument due coronary artery ectasia.

The petitioners have prayed the chief justice to transfer the case back to Islamabad principal seat and it fixed before any available bench for hearing. They said as the petition for murder of Parveen Rehman was instituted and filed in Islamabad before this august court on 30.07.2013, and the Advocate on Record for this case, Syed Safdar Hussain, is also from Islamabad.

Raheel Kamran had earlier twice filed the application for transfer but it was declined. He again filed the petition for case transfer on Monday.