“Most middle-class whites have no idea what it feels like to be subjected to police who are routinely suspicious, rude, belligerent, and brutal.”

–Benjamin Spock

The main purpose of the police is to remove the threat of petty crimes being committed at the expense of the habitants of a city by arresting criminals and handing them to law authorities for justice. Their job has no room for bias towards any gender, race, religion or culture. In recent years, the efficacy of the police force has come into question globally. The concept of ‘police brutality’, which was introduced by the western media, is the violation of authority given to police officers in the form of false arrests, sexual abuse, racial profiling and intimidation.

The fact that we have come to a stage where an African American man in Florida by the name of Charles Kinsey, who was a behavioural therapist for people with autism, was shot in the leg, while looking after his patient, by the police despite declaring his innocence by raising his hands in the air is truly appalling. What makes the matter worse is when a black army veteran in Dallas Texas decided to fatally shoot 5 police officers just because ‘he felt like killing white people’ is truly when we, as a society, have reached the epitome of intolerance.

When the police force, instead of protecting civilians from threat, which is their primary duty, instead violated their rights is when the government along with the people need to take action. By virtue of the job, police officers are in a superior position than the common man and thus have not only a greater responsibility in terms of their actions but are supposed to maintain rationality in all sorts of situations. The failure to do that leaves over hundreds of people in harm’s way.