Quite a few people have written about Babari Mosque Verdict. All seem to have criticized the verdict. It is a pity that such a verdict was given. Thus, hurting the feelings of many especially Muslims. I too am against the destruction of any house of worship and I condole with the Muslims all over the world. First of all, the demolition of the mosque, and now building of a temple. Muslims have a full right to be unhappy over the decision of the Indian Supreme Court. They could have come to a better solution. Unfortunately, that was not the case. But let this historical verdict help us reflect on the past and recall some historical events especially where Muslims were involved.

There was a Church in Damascus called St. John’s Church. When the Muslims conquered Damascus, this particular Church was converted into a mosque. When this took place my Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, imagine what were the Christians feeling then? Again, when Jerusalem was conquered two mosques were built on the Temple Mount, the most Holy place of the Jews. Imagine how did the Jews feel about it? Or again, When the Muslims Conquered Constantinople and named it Istanbul, there too was a grand Church Called St. Sophia Church (Hagia Sophia). This Church too was converted into a mosque. I can well imagine how the whole Christian world were saddened when this Church was grabbed and converted into a mosque.

Let us come back to the Babri Mosque. The Indians claim that the temple of Ram was demolished and, on its place, the Babri Mosque was built. Seeing what was done in Damascus and Constantinople, the Muslims must have done it here too. Here too I ask my Muslim Brothers and Sisters. When this incident took place imagine what did the Hindus feel when their house of worship was demolished and replaced by the mosque?

By giving these examples I do not want to hurt my Muslim Brothers and Sisters. I only want to let them know that many atrocities were done before in the name of religion and we never realize that our actions were just as hurting. I too am not in favor that the Hindus build their Ram Temple on the sight of the Babari Mosque but take such a stand where the feeling of all be protected. In Cordoba or Qartaba the Muslims made a mosque. Later on, when the Muslims were driven away, their mosque was converted into a Church. Later it was converted into a museum. Anybody and everybody can come to visit it and recall history. The same was done on Hagia Sofia. Knowing that it was a holy place for both Christians as well as for the Muslims, it was converted into a museum. So also, in Ayodhya, the Indian government must make such a monument or a shrine that could be an attraction for both Hindus and Muslims and consequently work for peace.