SARGODHA          -        Current rains and cold weather is putting good impacts on Kinnow orchards and overall citrus yield would also be enhanced during current season.

The growers should care of their gardens properly to get best yield in current season, an expert of Citrus Research Institute Sargodha (CRIS) said here Monday. He added that rains were helpful for best Kinnow quality as rains fulfill irrigation needs and also resist diseases attacks while color of orange also improve with cold weather.

He said that rainy season also wash leaf rust which also causing diseases, adding that branches of citrus trees had faced dryness attack during last year due to low irrigation.

The orchards were affected during last season and overall yield was reduced, he said and added that current season was putting supportive impacts to meet the orchards’ needs while spray was necessary to safe the gardens from diseases attacks.

He urged growers to consult with the CRIS for consultation about their citrus fields, adding that experts were also providing assistance to farmers to improve the quality of fruit. The Kinnow exports were also continued after processing of orange while best rates were also being received by the farmers.