KARACHI         -        The Karachi University awarded 7, 184 degrees to the students of morning and evening shifts in various disciplines in 2019 of which 2, 033 students received their degrees in the 30th convocation which was held at the Valika Cricket Ground on Saturday.

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, who also holds the KU Chancellor portfolio, presided over the convocation and said that the ranking of Karachi University in Asia had leaped forward.

“The Karachi University is ranked as the 239th best higher education institute, with significant improvement as compared to last year, and now recognised as one of the best higher education institutions in the whole region,” he added.

“Karachi University has produced notable persons like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Professor Dr Atta ur Rehman, Dr Israr Ahmed, Raees Amhrohi, Professor Dr Salimuzzaman Siddiqui, Professor ABA Haleem and others who served the motherland by promoting education and research work in the country,” the governor added.

Ismail shared that around 40 percent of youngsters after completing their graduation planned to leave the country as they believed that it would be a better option for their future. However, they should have faith and confidence in themselves and dedication to work for the country, he added.

Imran Ismail shared that 70 percent economics of the world would be run by 20 countries of the world in 2023 and Pakistan for the very first time would be a part of that privileged group. The provincial governor said that there was no shortage of job opportunities in the country and emphasised that one must know how to utilise them.

Majority of the female students including the position-holders could not start their professional carriers or it comes to an end on early-stage due to their marriages or some other reasons which are not a good sign for the country, he added.

As many as 5, 151 students were conferred with degrees in absentia, while 292 students were conferred with MPhil and 255 students, were conferred with PhD degrees whereas 15 MS, two Masters of Surgery, one MD and DSc degrees were also awarded during the convocation.

During the convocation, 3, 166 degrees were awarded in different departments of faculty of science, 1,865 degrees in different departments of faculty of arts and social sciences, 718 degrees in different departments of faculty of management and administrative sciences, 284 degrees in faculty of education, 268 degrees in different departments of faculty of Islamic Learning, 216 degrees in different departments of faculty of pharmacy, 80 degrees in faculty of law, and 21 degrees in faculty of engineering.

As per details, 645 students received BA (H) degrees, 68 students were awarded BS degrees and 1,142 students were conferred with Masters degrees in arts and social sciences faculty. Meanwhile, 1,186 students were the receipts of BSc (H) degrees, 357 students were awarded BS degrees, 623 students with Masters degrees in the faculty of science.

As many as 216 students were conferred with Pharm-D degrees in faculty of pharmacy and in faculty of management and administrative sciences, 95 students received BCom degrees, 109 students were awarded BPA (H) degrees, 109 students collected BS degrees and 514 students were the recipients of Masters degrees.

In the faculty of Islamic Learning, 72 students received BA (H) degrees, 31 students BS degrees, 142 students Masters and 23 students with PGD (IBF) degrees and in faculty of law, 22 students were awarded BS degrees and 58 students with Masters degrees.

In the faculty of education, 51 students were awarded Honors degrees, 68 students with BS degrees and 165 students with Masters degrees while 21 students were conferred with BS degrees in faculty of engineering.

The Karachi University also awarded 208 gold medals to the top position holders during convocation. Sajida clinched two gold medals, one for securing overall first position in the entire University while the second gold medal was awarded for topping the faculty of science.

Faiza Sabir of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Alieya Ali from Faculty of Education, Sumaira Ashraf of Faculty of Islamic Studies, Tasmeena Perveen (5 years program) and Syeda Izza Maryam Rizvi (3 years program) from Faculty of Law, Syyeda Sualeha Waseem of Faculty of Pharmacy, Farah Siddiqi (MBA) and Muqaddas Jelani (MPA) of Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences were also the recipients of gold medals.