In a TV programme recently, a brazen-faced and racist to the core, Major General (r) SP Sinha, a BJP hardliner, called for rape of Kashmiri women as a means to counteract the Freedom Movement of Kashmir. That India uses rape as a ‘Counter Insurgency Tactics’ to terrorize the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir has already been endorsed by Human Right Watch in its report of 1996.

As startling as his statement is, in another report titled “The Indian’s secret army in Kashmir, new patterns of abuse emerge in the conflict”, HRW also found Indian troops involved in such heinous human rights violation and others. Concerned, President Dr. Arif Alivi tweeted too and shared on Sunday the clip of this programme saying that Indian army was using rape as a tool in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Being blatant in its fanatical ideology, Hindutava’s hangers-on have now stooped to such tactics flagrantly for the world to note. Surprisingly, the world does not move at all as yet, alas! At last, what the world and UN want to transpire in Indian Held Kashmir to intervene and play their due part in bringing the Indian supremacist government to hold dialogue with Pakistan for the settlement of Kashmir issue? Is that genocide of Kashmiri people, their massacre or Kashmir’s wholesale rapine?