As NRC and CAA was applied in Assam and entire India respectively, Indian Muslims have now started feeling the heat of Hindutva agenda. This fire started by Modi in 2002 in Gujarat anti-Muslim massacre is now engulfing entire India.

A BBC report of 2011 had identified that senior police officers in India had openly stated in the Supreme Court that Modi had nodded to start of Gujarat Massacre in 2002. A senior police officer’s sworn statement to India’s Supreme Court alleged that the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi deliberately allowed anti-Muslim riots in the state. Thousands of people were killed in the violence in 2002. Senior police officer Sanjiv Bhatt had said that he attended a meeting at which Mr Modi is alleged to have said that the Hindus should be allowed to vent their anger. He also alleged that, in a meeting in the night before the riots, Mr Modi told officials that the Muslim community needed to be taught a lesson following an attack on a train carrying Hindu pilgrims.

Sanjiv Bhatt was a senior police officer in the Gujarat intelligence bureau during the 2002 riots and has been arrested, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by BJP government in 2018 to punish him in speaking truth to power.

Akashi Bhatt, daughter of Sanjiv Bhatt, has called char sheets against her father “fabricated” and claimed that he had been ‘persecuted’ by Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government. The Congressional briefing, “Ground Reports on Kashmir & NRC”, where Akashi Bhatt spoke, was held at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. on 22nd Dec. It was organized by three U.S.-based civil society organizations, namely, the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), Emgage Action(a Muslim American forum), and Hindus for Human Rights (HFHR).

Why we are trying to highlight these details are for one single reason, there is a linkage between Modi’s Muslim massacre in Gujarat, abrogation of article 370 in Occupied Kashmir and NRC.

Since Modi got away with Gujarat massacre and rose to become the Prime Minister, the RSS controlled BJP had drawn some conclusions:

As far as Muslims were oppressed and ostracized in India, there will be no challenge from within Indian political parties or international community.

As Indian economic and diplomatic clout grew in international community, India could get away with anything related to human rights violations, something similar to Israel being left out.

Targeting of Muslims in India actually increases the vote bank of RSS and BJP.

Indian Muslims are too divided and their sold out politico-religious leadership aka Sarkari Musalmans will keep the Muslims divided and bewildered.

Based on these conclusions, RSS goons occupying the Rajpath have moved for ultimate kill, wholesale disenfranchisement of the Muslims in India. The NRC and CAA may appear to be benign, but these have set the pace for final solution of Muslims in India. RSS and BJP leaders have openly threatened that they would like a Muslim and Christian Mukt India by 2023.The demographic card of growing Muslim population in India has permeated the minds of common Hindus across India and people have started believing that Hindus will become a minority in India.

What are the implications of NRC and CAA?

While NRC in Assam resulted in disenfranchisement of approximately 2 million people, it was discovered that 75% of these people were Bengali Hindus, so BJP feared the loss of vote bank and there came CAA, which meant that if you were a non-Muslim, you could automatically qualify to become an Indian citizen. Thus BJP saved the Bengali Hindu vote and conveyed it to Muslim community that their future was not only uncertain but also dark. Home Minister Amit Shah came up with the idea of detention camps for Muslims and NRC being applied all across India, while Modi played it down. This is classic RSS approach, you throw and idea and test the waters and then implement it.

What RSS and BJP did not calculate was the massive reaction across India; BJP lost Jharkhand and the protests spread across India. Initially Muslim youth in Jamia and Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) started the protests, who were bludgeoned by the police and RSS goons disguised as police, later the Muslim community came out and was joined by liberals, opposition parties and leftist groups called the Uraban Naxals by BJP.

RSS thugs came out with slogan of “Desh Kay Ghadaron ko-Goli Maro Saalon ko”, hinting that Traitors (Muslims) should be shot dead.

The current polarization has created a critical situation in India, even international media has condemned the NRC and is speculating that Modi may impose emergency across India. India has suffered 5 billion dollars loss in business, 2 Billion in Occupied Kashmir and 3 Billion due to NRC, many western countries including US and UK have issued travel advisories for tourists visiting India and business in thriving hubs like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata has come to a halt.

Meanwhile India has tried to deflect the attention away from NRC by erecting the bogey of terrorism and heated up the LOC, Pakistan has stood firm and prepared for any false flag operation or fake surgical strike.

Where does India go from here?

This is a million dollar question; the international community had closed her eyes for too long on rising Nazism in India and the oppression of minorities by the Hindutva flag bearers; it’s time for deep reflection and conveying it to India that Nazism has no place in 21st Century.

The Muslims in India must understand that the façade of secularism in India is a dead donkey and they cannot live in this suffocated environment, where their very citizenship is being challenged and their human rights are being trampled in broad daylight. Hindutva is a self-eating monster who will tear the very fabric of India, and finally, the Muslims in India will have to get another Pakistan.

The authors are freelance journalists.adeelanaureen