ISLAMABAD - Sindh government was responsible for the ongoing natural gas crisis as the provincial government has refused the Right of Way (RoW) to SSGC for the construction of two main gas pipelines.

Commenting on the statements of Sindh minister on media regarding gas situation in the province, a Petroleum Division spokesperson said on Saturday the supply from Ayesha, Amna and Amna North fields was not possible due to Sindh’s refusal of RoW.

He said it has also been observed that inaccurate figures/statistics were being reported in the media with regards to gas shortfall in Sindh and other parts of the country.

The Petroleum Division continued to raise this matter with the Sindh government through official correspondence since eight months, however, no response was received, he added.

Sharing accurate figures of current gas supply/demand in the country, he said the demand for gas was 6 billion cubic feet per day whereas the supply of gas, including Re-gasified Liquid Natural Gas (RLNG), stands at 4.5 bcfd.

The actual shortfall, therefore, stands 1.5 bcfd. It must be noted that supply of gas from Rizk gas field will commence from January 2020 and that would add 40 mmcfd gas into the system.

Currently, SSGC is supplying 1160 mmcfd gas whereas the actual demand is 1235 mmcfd; shortfall at SSGC stands at 75 mmcfd. SNGPL was supplying 2121 mmcfd gas while demand is 2100 mmcfd.

However, due to the severe weather, low gas pressure is being witnessed at many locations.