Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani stated on Monday that separation of Balochistan could trigger a civil war inside the province. There is absolutely no doubt that this is not the moment to bury one’s head in the sand. Therefore, he has rightly warned the separation mongers of the dangers inherent in their demand. The situation on ground is dangerous, as evidenced by daily incidents of bomb blasts, and target killings. The Chief Minister would do well to get down to improving the law and order situation instead of merely talking about separation and civil war. It is also worth pointing out that Mr Raisani also warned the separatists that since every Sardar is ruling his own territory, it would be difficult for the province to maintain a normal life of its own in the event of its secession from Pakistan. One can only second his assessment that Balochistan’s law and order was being destabilised as part and parcel of the conspiracy to break up Pakistan. This view is shared by the Interior Ministry that claims to have proof of involvement of foreign powers. Already it is too late. Without further waste of time, the federal as well as provincial government must do their best to prevent the situation getting further out of hand and also present proof of foreign forces alleged to be creating chaos in the province.