The three-storey-compound in the somnolent town of Abbotabad where Osamba Bin Ladin had supposedly lived for several years in hiding has at last been smashed to ground. You can raze the forts, castles, temples and mosques but the scientists have not yet invented any tool by which you can expunge the bitter realities of history. By shaving off Bin Ladin’s abode, we can not obliterate from the pages of history the failure of ourselves who allowed the US to violate our territorial integrity and sovereignty on May 2, 20011 when American helicopters flew into our land and attacked Bin Ladin’s compound. Some people opine that the logic behind the demolition of the building is that it might well have turned into a shrine where the so-called extremists would have started visiting to pay homage to the world’s greatest terrorist and America’s worst enemy who was once its blue-eyed boy when he assisted the US to shatter Soviet Union. Now when the compound is no more, I would advise the government to erect a museum at this place wherein the statues of the pilots who took part in the Abbotabad operation be placed. The western, European and American tourists will love to visit this museum which will speak volumes of our obsequiousness to Americans. Moreover, it will bring much needed heavy amounts of dollars to our government. Devil should care for the honour of the country that the Americans have bought from us at a very low price. I would also advise the government of Pakistan to send the debris of the crushed compound to Americans, helping them to make souvenirs of that which will keep reminding them of their arrogance and our helplessness. Even the western intelligentsia has said it on number of occasions that Bin Ladin was killed almost 10 years back and his corpse was put on ice and was used to get political mileage and to malign Pakistan as the safe haven of extremists. Let me say, you can raze a building but can never erase history.


Wah Cantt, February 27.