This is with reference to the alarming news published in your newspaper about the appearance of some 60 new Dengue cases in Lahore, which has caused extreme consternation to me as a citizen. This is notwithstanding the assurances and efforts of the CM Punjab and his team of various experts who are they say doing everything possible to ward off the deadly threat. Therefore, besides praying to Allah Almighty for His mercy, I have in all sincerity to my fellow citizens, put together a few suggestions for the government which should enable it to quickly surmount this danger of this killer virus that has shown itself before even the start of hot season in Punjab. These are:

The government must immediately withdraw all FIRs against the Sardars of mosquito swarms. President should announce apology for past ‘zeyadties’ committed against mosquito brothers.

Cantonments and FC/Rangers check posts be removed from mosquito occupied areas without further loss of time.

A special financial package should be allocated by the Federal Finance Ministry to lessen the ‘ehsaas-e-mehrumi’ of mosquito brothers and Aedes Aegypti sisters.

Parliament must pass a resolution affirming that no military ‘operation’ will be launched because force (except when applied in support of USA) is never a solution and answers to dangerous situations lie only in politics.

Negotiations must be started immediately with the help of some wise Chaudhries to win over the ‘naraaz’ Dengue Sardars.

I am very sure and I hope you will concur too, that these measures if implemented with sincerity, will rid our dear country of the killer Dengue mosquitoes forever and the way will then be open for our servants of various hues, to work out the many miracles of health management.


Lahore, February 27.