A recent TV programme reporting diseases prevalent in Kasur district a few miles from Lahore is heart rending with children suffering from unheard of diseases including gangrene of their fingers displays the horrible condition of health. It is reported that due to malfunctioning of water treatment plant established for clearing the affluent from leather tanneries this disaster has happened.

The authorities are busy in making orange trains and motorways while the poor villagers are suffering from incurable disease as a result of drinking poisonous water which is even let flow in the Sutlej river that is being used all the way that this river goes. It is criminal neglect of authorities at district level and the higher authorities sitting in Lahore that has not overseen the disaster that polluted water is causing to health of poor village people. What is the good of making motorways if clean waterways are not built to provide a basic facility of clean water to people in suburbs of Lahore.

Someone ought to correct the priorities of our rulers that are taken in with the charms of motorways and neglecting basic needs of clean water to poor people. It appears our rulers are playing “Bandar Tamashas” or gimmicks to befool the people with shining things while neglecting the provision of clean water to people.


Lahore, February 27.