KARACHI - MQM chief Altaf Hussain has offered PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif that if he is able to explain Charter of Democracy (COD) clause 3(a) & 3(b) states about the PCO Judges then MQM will also fully support him, otherwise he should review his decision on participating in the Long March. Altaf Hussain was expressing his views while addressing an important session of the MQM Coordination Committee in London. The session also discussed the current political situation of the country. He said that the lawyer's movement was undoubtedly for the independence of judiciary and restoration of judges. It is strange that the PML-N has announced to support the Long March of 9th March, simultaneously, the leader of PML-N Mr Nawaz Sharif has demanded in his press conference for the complete implementation of the COD, he added. He further expressed that with due respect and as a student of politics he wanted to ask Mr Nawaz to clarify to the nation his views on the Charter of Democracy clause 3(a) and 3(b) with reference to PCO judges, as this document had been signed in by PPP leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and PML-N leader Mr Nawaz Sharif in London. If Mr Sharif is able to clarify his views, the MQM will also support him on his demand of implementation of COD, otherwise, it is his moral obligation to review his decision of participating in the long march. He further said that if in the light of COD, it was essential to demand for the restoration of judges, it would have been prudent to demand for the restoration of those judges who refused to take oath under the PCO and offered their resignations. The MQM and all other political parties would have not only supported this demand but also proactively participated in that struggle. He explained that the country was faced with internal as well as external threats, namely withering economy, notorious terrorism in FATA and certain areas of NWFP. Moreover, Shariat Courts have been established parallel to the constitutional and legal courts. It is the need of time to build up unity, harmony and peace; however, certain elements for the ulterior motives are busy in adopting the path of confrontation and planning for a long march against the Government. This act will not only create anarchy but also benefit the enemies of our country who want to see anarchy and disturbance. He appealed to the opposition leaders to protest peacefully and present their point of view in rationale manner. Commenting on the MQM joining the Federal Government, Altaf Hussain said that his party had decided to strengthen the democracy and form a united front against the undemocratic elements for the sustenance and progress of the country. In such circumstances, if there is any derailment of democracy, it will not only damage the government but also the democratic system. We did not show any kind of rigidity while entering the democratic system, rather we gave priority to the country's interest over the party's interest and for the sustenance of the country, to strengthen the democracy, institutions and national security, we accepted the offer. Neither we want to enter into confrontational politics nor do we want to weaken the democratic system to create any hindrance for the armed forces and intelligence agencies that are busy with defending country's borders. He praised the bravery and efforts of the armed forces and intelligence agencies that were not only facing terrorism within the country but also offering scarifying their lives for the defence of motherland. Members of MQM Coordination Committee Saleem Shehzad, Muhammad Anwar, Syed Tariq Mir, Muhammad Ashfaq, Javed Kazmi, Asif Siddiqui, Mustafa Azizabadi and Qasim Ali Raza were also there.