LAHORE - Suspended pacer Mohammad Asif has been asked by the board to avoid giving statements in the media over his drug case hearing before the Indian Premier League tribunal. There were reports that Asif was conveyed he should not speak to the media on the issue as it would only lead to more confusion. Asif returned from India on Monday after attending the IPL drugs tribunal hearing and said the tribunal had accepted his argument that he had tested positive for nandrolone because of the eye drops he had used. He told reporters that a doctor had prescribed the eye drops to him but refused to name the physician. "But I will name the doctor later after the tribunal gives its verdict," Asif said. The Pakistan team doctor, Sohail Saleem has already made it clear he didn't prescribe the eye drops to Asif. "I only know I didn't do it," Saleem said.The IPL tribunal is expected to give a verdict this week and there are indications that the pacer could be handed a one-year ban. "He is likely to be banned for one year starting from the suspension imposed on him by the board last August which means he would only have a few more months to serve and be available for Pakistan again," a source said.PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt has already said that Asif was 90 per cent clear in his Dubai detention case for possession of 0.24 grams of opium last June. "Basically the board sees nothing serious in the case and he will be let off with light punishment," a board official said.