ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan has stressed the need for blanket implementation of Charter of Democracy and treatment of all the PCO judges under it. Talking to TheNation at the Parliament House on Wednesday, Dr Babar Awan said that the judges of the superior judiciary should stay away from politics and work within the ambit defined for them in the Constitution. He said that even the sitting judge must not attend the public functions what to speak of their taking part in politics and participating in the public rallies studded with the flags of certain political parties and banners carrying political slogans politicizing their neutrality. Dr Babar Awan said that all the judges who had ever taken oath under the PCO should be treated across the board under the Charter of Democracy signed between the major political forces of the country and added that under the same charter steps should be taken to strengthen the democratic institutions to bring political stability in the country. Responding to a question Dr Babar Awan said that Pakistan Peoples Party was victim of successive martial laws and the judiciary patronized under it, and assured that they would not take any unconstitutional or unlawful step, be it regarding the independence of the judiciary or the supremacy of the Parliament. He further suggested formation of Judicial Commission and making it a powerful entity to give independence to the judicial system in the country. Answering another question, Babar Awan said that President of Pakistan was part and parcel of the Parliament and he was dispensing his duties under the Constitution and the rules of business are governing his official conduct. He said that country was passing through a very critical phase and the need of hour was that the political system should keep rolling with focus on provision of relief to the masses. He said that the present coalition government was taking concrete steps for providing relief to the masses and in coming days and months the trickledown effect of the steps, so far taken by the government, would start yielding results. Commenting on lawyers' movement, Dr Babar Awan said that they have all respect for the lawyers and the government would facilitate their protest march like it had done when they previously came to the federal capital to record their protest. He further said that Pakistan People's Party was a true democratic party and was the custodian of the political traditions and that was the reason it had always respected the political and constitutional rights of all segments of the society including lawyers. He, however, advised certain political parties without naming them, not to use lawyers' movement as the launching pad for their political ends and do politics in the Parliament, which was the right forum for such activities or they could also do it on streets but remaining with the legal and constitutional precincts.