KARACHI-Punjab Governor Salman Taseer shortly after arriving here on Wednesday took the tour of the City accompanied by City Nazim Mustafa Kamal to personally witness the development work carried out in the City in the recent past. Taseer's extraordinary interest in the development projects of the City and his meeting with the Nazim hints at fresh political developments that are fast emerging on the political horizon. The timing of the visit of Salman Taseer to Karachi is significant keeping in view the forthcoming Senate elections and the lawyers Long March in the month of March. The political analysts believe that the PPP is further strengthening its understanding and ties with the MQM to face any eventuality that might arise because of the agitational politics of the lawyers. It also gives rise to the speculations that PPP wants clear understanding with MQM for the coming Senate elections which will be important for the PPP to get some of his senior party leaders to enter the Parliament. The PPP Punjab Governor Salman Taseer's visit came shortly after the visit of Interior Adviser to Prime Minister Rehman Malik to the metropolitan. This has unleashed an avalanche of speculations regarding emergence of a new and stronger alliance which is expected to counter the Opposition's move to destabilise the coalition govt both at the Centre and in the provinces. Political analysts are giving huge importance to the visit of two political heavy weights of PPP to Karachi within a week and were interpreting their visit to MQM-dominated Karachi as a significant political event. They say if the visit of these two influential PPP leaders is seen in the background of the recent visit of PML (Q) leader Moonis Elahi, son of former Punjab Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi, one could interpret that political manoeuvring is at its peak in time to create space for the coming Senate elections and to counter the Long March of the lawyers. Both these events fall in and around the middle of March. They are of the opinion that these visits are important as both the PPP and the MQM are encouraging the PML (Q) to come to their side to deal with any political situation that might create problem for the ruling coalition by the lawyers movement. It is pertinent to mention that both Rehman Malik and Salman Taseer were in London recently where they met MQM Chief Altaf Hussain. They say coming Senate elections was high on the agenda of the meeting that these two men had with the MQM leaders. These political manoeuvring has come within 48 hours of long awaited induction of MQM in the Federal Cabinet. The PPP showed goodwill by giving important Port and Shipping Ministry to MQM's Babar Ghauri and Overseas Pakistanis to Dr. Farooq Sattar.