Salma Hayek forced Penelope Cruz to watch the Oscar nominations. Penelope, who was staying at close friend Salma's Los Angeles home, had planned to sleep through the nominations, having only flown into the city a few hours before. Her hostess, however, had other plans. Penelope said: "I had just arrived to Los Angeles very, very late at night, and I had went to sleep (sic). Four hours later, I was at the house of some of my girlfriends, and they woke me up. Actually, it was Salma Hayek. She woke me up and said, 'We have to watch it live' I said, 'That's such a big risk'" Despite fears of jinxing her chances of a nomination, the actress soon discovered her role in romantic comedy "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" has put her in the running for the Best Supporting Actress award. She said: "We watched and then I heard the news - everything goes so fast An hour later, you have to start doing all these interviews and then you spend all day working. I haven't had the time yet to digest or understand it." - Expo