NEW DELHI (Agencies) - India wants Pakistan to dismantle terror infrastructure, take strong action against the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attacks and find fugitives from Indian law, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on Wednesday. Mukherjee said this in his first interview to the Al Jazeera. "We expect Pakistan to act. Whatever is to be done from our side we are doing so... but Pakistan is to act because the handlers and the planners were from Pakistan. Therefore, we expect Pakistan authorities to fulfil their commitments," he stressed. "Every country is responsible to protect its territory, to protect its citizens and also to ensure that their territory is not misused by miscreants to cause trouble in the neighbouring countries,' Mukherjee said. He said that the US' hopes of combating a simmering Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan cannot be de-linked with the situation in Pakistan and underlined that India considered Pakistan's cooperation and involvement 'necessary' to resolve the crisis. The minister admitted that there had been 'substantial improvement in relations with Pakistan, but emphasised that the real issue was the problem of terrorism. "The issue is not the India-Pakistan relationship... the issue is how to tackle the problem of terrorism, how to tackle the problem of terrorism emanating from Pakistan," he said. The minister underlined that although India 'is one of the worst victims of terrorism for almost two decades', the Nov 26 Mumbai attack was 'unprecedented'. He also rejected the suggestion that the Kashmir issue was the root cause of terrorism targeting India and asserted that terrorism and Kashmir are two separate issues. "Kashmir is an integral part of India like any other province or state of India. If somebody believes that Kashmir is not a part of India, I am afraid no Indian is going to accept it," he said. The PM Singh was 'disturbed' after the Mumbai attacks as he genuinely wanted to develop good relations with Pakistan, Mukherjee said. "Prime Minister is more disturbed than me because he genuinely wanted to build good relations with Pakistan," he added. He said the Prime Minister had invested much more political capital in developing relations with the country's western neighbours. Mukherjee demanded a 'demonstrable punishment' to the terrorists behind the Mumbai attacks from Pakistan. "Nothing prevents them from handing over the perpetrators to us who have committed a crime in India and have taken shelter there including Masud Azhar who was in Indian custody," he said.