The Indian Army Chief's fresh threat must be taken seriously. PM Gillani has for the first time shown courage, calling upon the world to stop its double standards. On one side, he said, they criticize Pakistan over the Mumbai attacks; at the same time they are mum over HR violations in the Indian held Kashmir, and the massacre of Palestinians by Israel." The PM must show courage against Gen. Deepak Kapoor's statement. Behind the scene US is playing a role of third party to achieve its particular objectives.. It wants to bring the volatility in the countries, especially for Muslims who challenge the supremacy and hegemony of America. If the people of a country are living in their own country (Pakistan) under the fear of attacks and suicide bombings, how would the world expect a peaceful generation coming ahead? Are the Mumbai attacks containing a huge destruction of humanity than the Marriot bomb blasts or Palestinians' massacre? The 16-day causalities by Israeli attacks were 855 and 3,650 injuries, including women and children. According to the saying of the Prophet (PBUH) Ummah is like a human body, if one part is troubled, the whole body is troubled. It is strange that the entire Muslim Ummah does not feel pained over the massive killings of Palestinians. Is there an Ummah?-BASMA SIDDIQ, Shakargarh, via e-mail, January 15.