DUBAI - Javed Miandad's resignation as a Director General (DG) Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is still not accepted, according to Wasim Bari, the Director, Human Resources Departement (HRD), PCB. Speaking over his mobile from Lahore on late Wednesday evening, he said: "Miandad has offered to resign from the post when the matter was referred to the PCB chairman Ijaz Butt, who was in transit trip to (Perth), Australia to attend the ICC meeting. He is likely to speak to the former coach before deciding any decision about his resignation". Ijaz Butt is likely to persuade Javed Miandad and use his all diplomacy. Miandad may also be offered wider power to avoid crisis in Pakistan. In the meantime, the dope-tainted pacer Mohammad Asif has been summoned to appear before the three man-panel on Thursday. "He has been advised to come and explain the reasons for his Dubai detention," Bari added. In fact, Asif was likely to appear before the committee (Wasim Bari, chairman, Dr. Sohail Saleem and Asif Suhail (special assistant to the chairman) on Wednesday but then the meeting had to be postponed. The issue is set for more twists in a few days to come.