ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Wednesday said it had no agreement with the United States on drone attacks against the Al-Qaeda and Taliban hideouts in tribal areas. "There is no understanding between Pakistan and the United States on Predator attacks," said the Foreign Office Spokesman, Muhammad Sadiq. He was commenting on the statement by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates in which he said Washington would continue with strikes by unmanned Predator drones against militants and that Pakistan was aware of this. Pakistani spokesman said, "We want closer cooperation at the operational level to deal with militancy. This cooperation is part of a broader cooperation to bring peace and stability and eliminating extremism." As far as Al-Qaeda was concerned, Pakistan had done more than any other country, Sadiq said. He said, "We look forward to working closely with the new US Administration on all issues, including in the fight against terrorism." The United States carried out around 30 missile attacks in 2008 and four this year so far on South and North Waziristan. The drone attacks have killed over 250 people that also include foreign militants but according to media reports most of those killed were local tribesmen. Pakistan has repeatedly said the U.S missile strikes would harm the ongoing war against terrorism and these attacks would only serve the cause of militants.