ISLAMABAD (APP) - An exhibition of paintings, prints and blown glass art was previewed here Wednesday at the Nomad Art Gallery by Anjum Ayub, Ubaid Syed and Martin Willems. The international group show will open on January 29 and continue till February 15 with a display of 100 blown glass art pieces, 20 items of print making and 15 paintings of acrylics on canvas. Anjum is a print maker who uses the technique of etching, dry point, mixed media, mono textures and aquatint. Working with human study, she expresses her ideas in black and white paintings while adding some striking colours to depict life. "I paint what I see - but I use more than my eyes to see. Memories can be as vivid as objects. Ambiance can be as real as landscapes. Moods can be colours. The soul can have a face. Experiences can be rooms that are personal on paper as well as in the mind," said Ajum Ayub while commenting on her work. She said that "I enjoy working with colours and textures using different methods and the combination of my approach to technique with the eternal beauty and values of nature, can create a kind of sanctuary for the soul." These prints are the product of my ideas, style, spirit, personality and conscience - none of which can be expressed without the other, she added. For Sweden based artist, Ubaid Syed, art is technology in images. It is like a rainbow - a whole consisting of harmoniously juxtaposed discrete parts. He says, "An artist needs to destroy his own nature to fully comprehend the grand design that is manifest in all creation and creature. Ubaid syed has focussed on the beauty of Swedish landscapes while portraying them in contemporary abstract imagery with the medium of acrylics on canvas. The artist says, "There is always an element of surprise in nature, in the variety of forms, light and depth of colours. It is nature, which with its countless amazing exhibitions of embodiment of wisdom, completeness and perfection, awakens the sense of oneness with the world." Martin Willems has exhibited the works of blown glass art that include the sculpture like floating figures, bowls, plates, crystal compositions and other items.