Be the white-skinned George W Bush or black Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, as the President of the United States, they are all one and the same. They are American citizens first and foremost caring for only the US interests the world over. They do not bother about friends or allies and go on killing people here and there on one pretext or the other. Within couple of days of Obama taking over as the 44th President of the USA, drones have again hit twice inside Pakistan in North and South Waziristan in the troubled tribal belt killing people suspected to be terrorists. As it has been happening for months together, the suspected militants and extremists are being execute by missiles strike by the NATO forces across the Durand Line without even being tried for their alleged crime. Only the other day, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer during his visit to Islamabad was kind enough to ensure Pakistani leaders that NATO forces will not cross the Pakistani border and had also backed Pakistan's stand on the Mumbai attacks. This was indeed a very much-welcomed statement by the NATO secretary general. No doubt if the US and NATO forces can strike into the Pakistani territory to achieve their so-called objectives under the cover of the War On Terror then why should they bother to cross the border to kill more innocent people, including women and children, supposedly suspected to be militants. Those being killed in the repeated missile attacks are surely 'innocent' till they are tried for the alleged crimes and punished according to the laws of Pakistan and not the 'invaders'. Instead of requesting the visiting foreign officials from the United States to stop the drones attacks, those violating the integrity and solidarity of the Motherland should, nay 'must', be shot down without any warning as such. It is better to die fighting the enemies than to continue living shamefully sans honour, prestige, sovereignty and freedom in the prevailing circumstances. This is the least we can do to. This scribe like millions of other patriotic people of Pakistan firmly believe that the armed forces are capable of striking down the drones and defending the integrity and sovereignty of the Motherland provided the rulers of the day demonstrate strong political will and support of the people at large. They are, most unfortunately, one and the same - be they the military rulers or the civilians rulers in Islamabad or 'white' Bush or 'black' Obama in the USA. But as a matter of fact, admittedly, they are the Americans first and foremost and ours are least the Pakistanis. The writer is a freelance columnist