The PCB should organize as many games as it quickly can to fill the void of the period when no cricket is planned in Pakistan. It should also hold the 20-20 tournament which was going to take place under Dr Nasim Ashraf and make sure the inquiry on financial matter pertaining to the stadium construction is actually completed and the Senators sitting on the committee, as well as the general public come to know about what happened to the money allocated for the stadium. Pakistani companies that are owned by the government usually end up being run like they are the business of somebody's father and it is the same with sports in Pakistan. Pakistan sports is supposed to be for people to watch and enjoy and they do not want to hear the stupid crap that some previous board did not run a particular sport properly. The problem with Muhammad Yousuf and Shoaib Malik should also be sorted out and Yousuf should play in the team. -SALMAN JAFRI, via e-mail, January 14.