LAHORE - Wife of Administrator Shaikh Zayed Hospital Dr Abdul Saboor Malik, implicated her father and brother in the murder of her husband over a property dispute. A senior police officer, part of the police team formed to investigate the murder of Shaikh Zayed Hospital's administrator revealed that Dr Saboor's wife named her father and brother claiming that they had murdered her husband through hired assassins over the dispute of property of billions of rupees. Requesting anonymity, the police officer said that father-in-law of Dr Saboor was the owner of huge property in Multan, Lahore and some other districts. He was father of two daughters and a son. Saboor's father-in-law first transferred his property to his only son and after his daughters' protest against the decision, he transferred the same property to his daughter (wife of Dr Saboor). Saboor's brother-in-law never agreed to this decision and pressurised his father to retrieve the property from his sister. Quoting Saboor's wife, the police officer said her brother went into litigation some eight months back against his sister for the ownership of the property that her father had transferred to his sister. Her husband, Dr Saboor Malik, had been pursuing the whole litigation process, she told the police. Both Dr Saboor and her brother had exchanged hot words over the property dispute , she told the police, adding that her husband was facing serious threats by her brother and father following the dispute. She further said like a feudal her father was more inclined towards the male members of her family. His attitude was quite rigid towards certain things especially over property matters for which he could go to any extreme. "On property disputes, a relative of mine had also been murdered in the past by the hired assassins. My father was believed to be involved in the said murder," the police officer quoted her as saying. To a query, the police officer said, the property worth billions of rupees include commercial plazas, agricultural land in Lahore and Multan and plots in posh areas of the provincial capital were a bone of contention between the two families that led to her husband's murder. Saboor Malik's own property, inherited by his parents, was also worth over billions of rupees, the police officer said. About the investigations process against Saboor's father-in-law and brother-in-law, he said both of them had left for London. The police teams contacted them abroad through cell phone and asked them to come back to Pakistan to defend the allegations. Although assured us their early return but it seemed that they were not prepared to return, he maintained. It is also learnt reliably that the police teams had arrested Dr Saboor's Naib Qasid Qari Rafaqat and his driver Muhammad Arif from Shaikh Zayed Hospital two days after the murder incident and were still in the police custody. About the former police inspector Abid Boxer, and his friend Nadir Gujjar, the police said investigators could not rule out their involvement in the murder. The police were also investigating the case regarding their connivance with Dr Saboor's father-in-law and brother-in-law in the murder plan.