This is with reference to the audit report submitted to Public Accounts Committee regarding the embezzlement of Rs 4.36 billion from the airline in 2007-2008. PIA is owned by the taxpayer and he is suffering losses and liabilities that amount today well beyond Rs160 billions. Now that the National Assembly of Pakistan has raised concerns over the dual nationalities of individuals, debarring them from serving as parliamentarians, or in the army and civil services, the same restriction should be enforced on those working in state controlled corporations and semi autonomous organizations like PIA, National Bank, State Bank, PSO, PASSCO, TCP, WAPDA, SSGC, OGRA etc. Had Hamesh Khan not held a foreign passport, he would not have escaped from Pakistan so easily. Hamesh Khan was assisted in fleeing from country by this elitist club holding foreign nationalities, which help and promote each other. For these men with dual nationalities, Pakistan is just a transit stop to make a quick buck and transfer the accrued funds to their countries of adoption. Those who have any doubts must review the oath of loyalty that they have pledged to become citizens of their new country. -ABRAR H, Faisalabad, January 27.