NEW DELHI (Agencies) New Delhi was kept out by Pakistan of the regional summit on Afghanistan in Istanbul early this week. Leaders from Afghanistans neighbouring countries, including Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, Iranian Vice-President Moham-mad-Reza Rahimi, Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi attended the summit. India was the notable exception, thanks to Pakistans insistence. Islamabad, wary of Delhis clout in Afghanistan, is out to ensure it rolls back all its consulates in that country. When US Defence Secretary Robert Gates was in Delhi, he admitted India and Pakistan were unable to work together in Afghanistan. A western diplomat agreed that Pakistan wanted to hammer home the point that India needs to be out of Afghanistan. The Nato commanders agree with Pakistan that Indias role needs to be clipped, but diplomats believe Delhi can play a constructive role, a diplomat said. India is fundamental to a solution in Afghanistan, a British diplomat said. India may not have been in the regional meet, but it will play a big role at the London meet.