God created cultivable land. Some powerful fellows captured the land depriving God of his property. Those who were unable to capture were punished by the captors. Under the punishment, the non-captors were forced to cultivate the land for the prosperity of the captors. The non-captors were punished for their inability to capture the divine land. They were forced to pour their blood into the land. Nature transmuted the blood into golden crops. The crops conferred a princely lifestyle on the captors. On the contrary, the entire lifestyle of the enslaved cultivators were the lifestyle of a stray dog. Mysterially, in pre-industrial ages in certain countries the peasants joined hands and rebelled against feudalism. Feudalism was paralysed in these countries. But unfortunately, in most of the countries, feudalism kept flourishing unabated. More unfortunately, in most of the contemporary countries feudalism is still as powerful and tyrannical as it was in the past. In these countries, the land-slaves are using God: Oh God Please rescue us from the tyranny of feudalism. In our world, in most of the countries feudalism and industrialism are two major causes of the misery of the masses. But the barbarism of feudalism is far more barbaric than the barbarism of industrialism. Feudalism is a naked robbery. The International Court of Justice must put it in the dock and declare: Land is created by God. It is Gods property. One can use it only for the benefit of mankind. One can never own it. Since one cant own it, one cant sell it. The Court should wait for feudalisms reaction. If the feudal barons dont surrender the robbed property voluntarily then they should be deprived of the land and the land should be distributed amongst the poor peasants on a lease basis. The extinction of feudalism would be the extinction of the oldest and cruellest injustice in human history. We are living in an industrial age. Unfortunately, industrialism industrialism has established itself as a very partial creature. It has been extremely generous to a very small part of mankind but extremely hostile to the rest of humanity. There are very few countries where industrialism has conferred a comfortable living on all the citizens. In most of the countries, only a small minority has been industrialisms favourites. The rest of the citizens are as miserable as the agricultural slave under feudalism. In most of the countries, industrialism is a modern version of feudalism. In Pakistan, feudalism and industrialism are two major Power. One of the two major parties is an offspring of feudalism while the other one is a creation of industrialism. No wonder, our two major parties are extremely antagonistic to each other. In one respect we are lucky. However hostile our political parties are to each other, they have one thing in common. All of them have always claimed that they want power only to serve the masses. But they cant serve with empty pockets. They must have money enough to serve. The more the money they get, the greater their capability to serve. The masses keep waiting for the services. The rulers keep amassing money. The rulers retire with their pockets overflowing with money. The masses 'retire with their stomaches over flowing with starvation. The new rulers come. The story repeats itself. Our political history is a single story history. The same story again and again. The gruesome repletion has extremely depressed the masses. The rulers console them: Just have a little bit of patience. If in a country some citizens keep killing themselves because of extreme poverty, they are not self-killers. They are killed by the state. It is state terrrism against its own citizens. There are numerous countries which are perpetrating terrorism against its own citizens. Some international organisations publish gradation lists of various countries with respect to their economic status, their corruption status, their poverty status so on and so on. Unfortunately, a very crucial gradation list is missing. Some organisation ought to publish a gradation list of the countries which kill their own citizens on a regular basis. In the contemporary world most of the countries are hells for the masses. These hells are manufactured by the rulers. The rulers are expert manufacturers of hells for the masses. For themselves, the rulers manufacture paradises. Thus in most of the countries hells and paradises are flourishing side by side. What a miracle Who says that the age of miracles is dead and gone? The writer is an academic.