MUMBAI Indias political heavy-weight Sharad Pawar, the current ICC vice-president, is all set to be the ICCs next president in June this year and will continue to hold the position when the World Cup comes to the Indian sub-continent in 2011. Cricket Australias chairman, Jack Clarke, was hopeful of the vice presidency of the ICC during Sharad Pawars reign at the helm. However, Clarkes dream of assuming the ICCs vice presidency were shattered once the former Australian Prime Minister, John Howards name cropped up for the same post. Howards name has been shortlisted by the CA board of directors, which will be ratified when they meet the NZC officials later this week. Interestingly, even the NZC has shortlisted one of its candidate for the ICC vice presidency. Howards name took precedence over Clarkes owing to the latters closeness with Sharad Pawar and another big-wig of the Indian cricket, it was learnt here. A source close to the ICC confirmed, Clarke, in all probability, will lose out to John Howard for the ICC post. Clarke is paying the price for his perceived closeness to Sharad Pawar and his aide, who has a big say in Indian cricket. In Cricket Australia, being run by a Board of Directors, the presidents word is not final and binding on the office bearers, unlike the BCCI, where the president has the final say. Meanwhile, the CA will be represented by Wally Edwards and Geoff Tamblyn (now already in New Zealand with Australias under-19 team) when the Trans-Tasmanian rivals meet to elect a consensus candidate for the ICC post. Both boards are going to have two to three representatives, with an independent member being there as well. According to the sources, Sir Roderick Eddington, a former CEO of British Airways, is the independent. Sir Eddington is an Australian (hes now the chairman of Infrastructure Australia), but NZC didnt have a problem in accepting him.