ISLAMABAD The residents of the twin cities took a sigh of relief on Thursday as nature broke an almost four-month long dry spell in the region. Visitors were seen thronging parks and other recreational areas of the twin cities after a drizzle in the afternoon that gave rise to the energies of most people. Thank God for finally blessing us with rain and saving us from water shortages. I hope the city will retain its signature greenery and fresh aura exclaimed Shifa Noor, a student. Several mass prayers for rainfall were held across the country, including some contributing prayers even at the Presidency, after grass around the capital started giving a dry brown look and most trees became covered with dust. Moreover, several reports warning of an imminent acute water shortage in the twin cities were making rounds, causing fears among the public. Another shower should hopefully cause the water levels in the dams to rise, said Ahmer Abbasi, another student. The water level in nearby dams had fallen to record levels, and some rainfall should give rise to it in order for a smooth water supply and enough capacity to produce electricity. Hopefully there will be more rainfalls in the near future so that our crops are well-irrigated for harvest time, hoped another gentleman.