LAHORE - A scam of Rs30.15 millions has unearthed in the fixation of 250 vehicles of Punjab Highway Patrol in the end of 2008, The Nation learnt on Thursday. As per details, Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab Jehan Zaib Burki wrote a letter to the former IG Police Shaukat Javed as well as to Secretary Home Department Nadeem Hassan Asif with the subject: Committee for Probe into Body Fabrication, Fixation of Revolving Lights on Punjab Highway Patrol Vehicles here on December 3, 2008. In an official communiqu, it was instructed to the Secretary Home Department to obtain similar comments along with the relevant documents from the then DG Monitoring and Inspection (M&I) Project Management Unit (PHP). The M&I was requested to send the same by December 7, 2008. Jehan Zaib Burkei further wrote the manufacturing of vehicles was of very poor quality and the design was also unsuitable for operation as well as comfort due to poor ventilation of space. During the bidding process for 250 vehicles, a bidding of Rs1,35,000 was received which was rejected on the pretext that the bidder had a small workshop for fabrication. However, the contract was given to a sitting MPA, the owner of a motor company who had no workshop at all and who get the work done from inexpert and inefficient mechanics. It was further said the fabrication body designed through the Director General M&I was not standardised as no report on the said fabrication body was submitted whereas only the prototype sent by the said motor company was standardised. It was also revealed that the concerned officers of Telecommunication and Transport Wing of Police Force and others were gifted 4 Toyota Corolla Cars by the owner of motor company in order to get the fabrication contract at a high price. And later the contract was awarded at an amount of Rs1,97,000 each and for roof mounted revolving light per vehicle at Rs99,000 bringing thereby the unit price for each fabrication plus revolving light to Rs2,96,000 each whereas the quoted price of the original prototype got prepared by the Director General M&I was Rs1,70,000 including the revolving light. Thereby an additional amount of Rs1,26,000 per vehicle was increased and the loss was mentioned amounting to Rs30.15 millions. When contacted DIG Telecommunication Zaffar Ahmad Qureshi, working in the same department for the last 16 years, said that all the allegations levelled by Jehan Zaib Burki proved false when a committee under the chairmanship of Burki himself conducted various inquiries regarding the issue. Zaffar Qureshi, however, further said that the then Additional IG Finance Aftab Sultan and SSP Patrolling Suhail Khan, who were then working in that department were the most responsible officials to answer the allegations. Secretary Home Department Nadeem Hassan Asif knew the allegations were proved false, the DIG added. MPA Sheik Allauddin, who allegedly gifted 4 Toyota Corolla Cars to the officers of Telecommunication and Transport Wing of Police to seek contract flatly refused to give his version despite repeated requests. Jehan Zaib Burki, however, endorsed the version of DIG Telecommunication by saying that the charges were proved false when he himself held many inquiries. He said an unknown person had sent him some unstamped documents without signatures by the any authority, in which it was alleged that the authorities concerned were involved in large-scale misappropriation in the contract. Interestingly, when contacted Punjab Highway Patrol DG Khalid Cheema, he said in first inquiry held under the chairmanship of Jehan Zaib Burki, he informed the committee that the lights of each vehicle costs not more than Rs27,000 but it was purchased in Rs99,000. If we include taxes and other charges then hardly it reaches to Rs35,000, Khalid Cheema informed the Committee. The DG further said that the things hardly valued Rs100,000 were purchased by the authorities concerned at Rs26,500. There were about six cars gifted by the owner to the officers concerned, Khalid Cheema further informed as he was not invited in second inquiry. He, however, also disclosed that half of the lights, purchased on such high prices, haven been dysfunctional now.