LAHORE - Punjab Assembly members setting aside solid commitment against mudslinging on each other Thursday threw the House into an utter disorder on the remarks of PML-N MPA Dr Ashraf Chauhan on which the women members on both sides joined hands to protest against a serious exception which put the proceedings of the Assembly on the hold for a considerable time during the question hour session. Dr Ashraf complaint that non-elected women (reserved seats) were consuming most of the time at the cost of elected members so a restraint may be put on their time taking, sprang the lady MPAs on the Opposition side into action which moments after received a tremendous fortification from the Treasury ones against the doctor whose remarks were prelude to his question on water supply system in Gujranwala. Loud cry and strong protest against the questioner fumed the lady MPAs further when feeling heat of the moment, he descried them as his 'mothers and elder sisters after the Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal had chided him and made him eat back his words and respect the lady members as his 'sisters and daughters. But the doctor insisted upon equating them with his elder sisters and mothers, but only to invite more and more fury from women members. Dr Chauhan said he was paying them more respect than a daughter but the lady members began to chant slogans of 'go Chauhan go rejecting his any plea. Under the huge noise the speakers repeated the full-throated call for maintaining order in the House but he received no respect from any quarter. Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan intervened and said all members in the House are equal elected whether directly or indirectly and the same ruling was later on, given by the Speaker. However it still remained short of satisfying the women members who continued chanting slogans. The Speaker asked Dr Ashraf to say according to the demand of the ladies in the House and as a result Dr Ashraf said theses women are my younger sisters. PML-N MPA Zaeeem Qadri went to the lady members on the Opposition side and Deputy Speaker Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan shared some thought with the Speaker and it was declared that women members are equal to the any other member. With this ruling the speaker concluded the question hour session. Earlier when the session started 80 minutes beyond the fixed time, the legislators take up the questions relating to Housing, Urban Development and Public Health, the Parliamentary Secretary informed the questioner Waseem Qadir that recreational park in UC-37, Newcrol, would be developed within a month and to another by Mian Naseer Ahmad it was informed that two lakh meter for water reading would soon by installed in the City and water to service stations was being supplied on commercial rates. The Secretary also told the House that study was underway to assess lowering of water level in the City and to find out means to arrest the situation. On a question by Rana Afzal Khan for giving benchmark for plinth level construction of houses in the urban areas, the Chair referred the matter to the Committee after the Secretary answered that under the Building and Zoning Regulations, the Department of Local Government and Community Development, Punjab has not fixed plinth level whereof the roads are going higher than the level of the houses and other constructions.