ISLAMABAD Rejecting the Defence Ministrys report regarding the missing persons case, the Supreme Court has observed that Deputy Attorney General Shah Khawar was playing 'ping-pong game with the respective court. A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Justice Javed Iqbal, including Justice Raja Fayyaz and Justice Sair Ali, was hearing the missing persons miscellaneous pleas intending that the issue would meet its fate within a couple of weeks. Justice Sair Ali asked Shah Khawar, If Masood Janjua, one of missing persons, could not be traced, he should inform the court clearly. However, Shah Khawar assured the court that Government was trying its level best to resolve the issue of missing persons, as he himself was in contact with the Foreign and Interior Ministries to sort out a final and fruitful strategy. Justice Javed Iqbal remarked that the Ministry of Defence set aside evidence provided by the relatives of missing persons while preparing the report which might be prepared by a low rank clerk. The report seemed a fake, unsatisfactory and one-sided. It was not a detailed report and hence serves no purpose, Justice Javed Iqbal observed. The court also directed the investigation team to complete its proceedings within two weeks. The decision of missing persons case will be announced in the next month, Justice Javed Iqbal added. He also directed the Secretary Defence Lieutenant General (Retd) Athar Ali to file a comprehensive report by taking into account all the evidence. However, he maintained that the court would not ridicule any institution and everything would be done according to the Constitution. He remarked, We cant blame the intelligent agencies, as they are not fully successful to trace the missing persons. He also said the Ministry of Interior was playing the role of a post office, as there were no efforts being made by the authorities concerned for early recovery of missing ones. The bench also expressed its satisfaction over the efforts of authorities concerned as 198 persons have been recovered. While taking up the case, we were determined to trace all missing persons at all cost and we will succeed within two weeks, Justice Javed remarked. Meanwhile, a human rights activist and a missing persons wife, Amina Janjua, said that she did not intend to pursue a case against any institution if her husband was released. Later, the court adjourned the hearing for two weeks.