HEs only 15 but at 6ft 11in Bradley Fisher already has the whole school looking up to him. The keen sportsman, who sleeps in a custom-built 7ft bed, towers above his little schoolmate Zoe McDermott - the same age but only 4ft 6in. Bradley has just been called up to the England under-16 basketball team and is preparing for the European championships. He has to duck through doors and wait for size-15 footwear to arrive from the US. But Bradley said yesterday: I like being tall. My friends think its really good. I love playing basketball, so being tall really helps. It gives me an edge. Brian Souter, deputy head at Southland school in Chorley, Lancs, said: He is a gentle giant - very friendly and popular. Bradley is still 8in shorter than the UKs tallest teenager, Paul Sturgess, 19. Mirror