KARACHI - Describing setting of a proposed controversial power plant at Chashma-Jehlum Link canal as a potential threat to the solidarity of the federation, the Sindh Assembly through a resolution, on Thursday, demanded immediate shelving of the project which was detrimental to the interest of the province. The assembly condemned in severest term the project and said that the house representing the sentiments and voice of 50 million people of the province, demand that the project must be shelved as the province was facing acute shortage of water. The Punjab government has proposed a 44 MW power plant at the tail of Chashma-Jehlum link canal to be operated by a private party. The out-of-turn resolution jointly moved by PPP legislators Dr Sikandar Mandhro, Anwar Khan Mehar, Sindh Minister Sasui Palejo, Opposition leader Jam Ali, PML (F) member Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, PML (Q) member Shaharyar Mahar, Heer Soho of MQM, reads, The Punjab government has proposed a 44 Megawatt power plant at the tail of Chashma-Jehlum Link canal to be operated by a private party. The Sindh government has been opposing this project as it is detrimental to the interest of the province and will add to the already acute water shortage being faced by the province. NEPRA and the Ministry of Water and Power (including the Federal Minister of Water and Power) have been made aware of Sindh governments reservations by the government. This Chief Minister has also apprised the Prime Minister of the objections of the government regarding the project. However, it appears that NEPRA is continuing consideration of the project. Therefore, this Assembly resolves and recommends to the government to approach the federal government and once again apprise them of the strong opposition of the people of Sindh to this project which is detrimental to the interest of the people of Sindh and convey to the federal government that this project is not acceptable to the people of Sindh and should be immediately shelved, as Sindh has been facing acute shortage of water. Speaking on the resolution PPP legislator from Badin Dr Sikandar Mandharo recounted what he called the 150 years historic excesses blindly committed by Punjab against Sindh that usurped the rights of the province which created mistrust among the people. Tracing the history of Chashma-Jehlum Link Canal, he said that release of water started in the canal in June 1972 with a view to save its embankment, to monitor seepage and to save its links. Showing the photocopy of the documents in the house, Mandharo said that the decision to release water in the canal was taken at a meeting in 1972 which was attended by the Governor of Punjab, Sindh Chief Minister and Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Affairs. According to the document signed at the meeting, it was decided that water in Chashma-Jehlum Link canal will be released purely on adhoc basis in the month of July when there is surplus water available in the River Indus after meeting the needs with the permission of Sindh Chief Minister. He said that the decision was implemented in latter and spirit till 1985 and water was released in the canal after seeking the permission from Sindh chief minister. However, during martial law regime of Gen Ziaul Haq, the then Punjab Governor Lt Gen Ghulam Jilani along with the then Chairman WAPDA Safdar Butt visited the canal and ordered that there was no need to seek permission from Sindh chief minister to release water. Since then no one had bothered to seek permission from Sindh Chief Minister and the canal was flowing whole year notwithstanding severe protest from Sindh, Dr Mandharo lamented. Moreover, Greater Thal Canal was also carved out from its gate RD-2 to irrigate hundreds of thousands acres of land at the cost of Sindh where 2.2 million acres of land have destroyed under seas intrusion. He said that though nothing about Thal Canal was mentioned in the Water Accord 1991. Dr. Mandharo said that 10,000 to 12,000 cusec feet water per second would be needed to run the 44 megawatt power plant being proposed on Chashma-Jehlum Link Canal. He said this house is representing the sentiments of 50 million people of Sindh. Enough is enough and we strongly rise in protest against these excesses. We will not bear any more, as our agriculture would be destroyed, he sounded a warning. Endorsing the resolution on behalf of government, Sindh Minister for Irrigation Murad Ali Shah informed the house that the government was pursuing the matter and Chief Minister had written letter to the prime minister demanding that the project should be stopped forthwith. He termed the NEPRA Act as violation of constitution and said that it has no right to negotiate with the private company for the project. He strongly condemned PML (N) leader Chaudhry Ahsan Iqbal who said release of water downstream Kotri was wastage and reminded that it was PML (N) government which had arbitrarily transferred rights of the provinces to the centre in 1997. Sindh Minister Syed Sardar Ahmed, speaking in favour of resolution, demanded shifting of the proposed power plant at any other alternative location because it would run on water for two months and for the rest of the ten months on gas and oil. If that is the case the plant should be set up at any other place than on its present location. Sindh Ministers Mir Nadir Ali Magsi, Ayaz Soomro, Pir Mazhar, Shoaib Bukhari, PPP members Sasui Palejo, Anwar Khan Mahar, Humera Alwani, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi of PML (F), opposition leader Jam Madad Ali, PML (Q) member Shaharyar Mahar and other spoke on the resolution and condemned the setting of power plant at the present location. After thorough and extended debate, Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro put the resolution in the house which carried unanimously. Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro introduced the government Bill No-17 of 2009- The Land Acquisition (Sindh Amendment) Bill, 2009 in the house. The house which was set in motion by Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro at 11-15 A.M was carried question and answer session of Aquaf and Food Department. After completion of order of the day, the chair adjourned the house till Friday morning.