According to a report issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the tele-density in Pakistan is expected to exceed by 62 percent this year. The statistics show that growth in the telecommunication sector is making a notable contribution in the countrys economy. Today, various mobile phone manufacturing companies are offering innovative services incorporated by the latest technology in order to ensure growth in their market share. When fair competition gives consumers the opportunities to select the product that best meets their needs and choices, it fosters a challenging environment that is good for both companies and their customers. In my opinion, the greatest challenge faced by the industry is the exponential growth of the unbranded Chinese mobile handsets. Because they are somewhat similar in appearance as the original branded phones and very cheap in comparison, some consumers are now keeping a Chinese handset with a high-end phone. This is a serious concern for all leading brands. -UMAIR RAHEEL, Karachi, January 28.