ISLAMABAD The issue of shifting the American trainers from Police Training College Sihala has become a headache for the government as Interior Ministry had announced about the closing of camp. Interior Ministry announced the closing of the US supervised training camp while the trainers were in the process of offering to train the Presidents security detail comprising SSG personnel, it has been learnt reliably. The Presidency accepted their offer and sent 20 names of personnel including 5 from the Prime Minister House. The sources further said that the Interior Ministry was not aware of the direct correspondence between the US trainers and Presidency and therefore went ahead in the normal course of events to close down the American trainers camp, in the face of growing protests. They had offered a site in Karachi for relocation of these trainers but their team, after visiting Karachi rejected the site. Reliable sources informed TheNation that despite a vociferous announcement made by the government about closing down of the US supervised anti-terror training camp from Sihala, the baggage and the equipment of the trainers still remains in the camp as they have refused to leave the area. According to them, when media and lawyers fraternity had raised the issue about the presence of the US-supervised camp at Sihala, Interior Ministry had to bow before them and it finally announced that the camp would be shifted. It is pertinent to mention here that Police training college is located between Islamabad and Pakistans nuclear installations at Kahuta and it was believed that American trainers were monitoring Pakistans nuclear assets in the guise of providing training. Even for the last one and a half years, they have not trained anyone and when media raised serious questions about their presence, the US trainers, in order to extend their stay, directly approached Presidency with an offer to train its staff, sources disclosed. A well-informed source in Sihala College said, After the announcement made by Interior Ministry regarding the closure of US- supervised training camp Americans disappeared but all their belongings including dozens of containers still lay there at the college premises, he added. The sources said that Americans were asking the government that in case a final decision was made about their shifting, they would be interested in shifting near Simly Dam. This location is close not only to the Nilore nuclear plant but also to a vast military R&D centre. Sources said that on the special directions of Interior Ministry, Dyncorp a US contractor, also used Sihala College for reasons best known it. A letter written by DynCorp to Interior Ministry also revealed that Dyncorp was interested in using Sihala College. When contacted, Farhat Ullah Babar, Spokesman for President Asif Ali Zardari denied any direct communication between Presidency and US trainers. He said, I am not aware of any such correspondence.