While ruling the undivided India, the British carried out development projects including building of several airports to serve their own military purposes. Later, some of these airports were built upon further for civilian use. One such example is the Palam Airport, Delhi, which was built during the Second World War and remained a hub of military activities during the War. Today it is an entirely civilian airport. When Indira Gandhi was assassinated, this airport was named in her memory as the Indira Gandhi International Airport, also called IGI for short. The Indians were right in doing so since Indira Gandhi was the leader who defeated Pakistan and created Bangladesh. In Pakistan Islamabad Airport has been named after Benazir Bhutto. I wonder what has she done for Pakistan? Did she win Kashmir? Has she done anything else? She gave the lists of Sikh freedom fighters of East Punjab to the Indian government. jiyalas claim she laid her life for democracy. But the kind of agreement she made with Musharraf suggests that she agreed to become Prime Minister under a President Musharraf that was installed for good through the ignominious deal that gave us the NRO. -ALI RAZA SOOMRO, Haiderabad, January 28.