NEW DELHI (Online) Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani believes his country and India must not be held hostage to one incident - the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks - and they must hold dialogue. Billion people should not be made hostage to one incident. If we are hostage to one incident then the beneficiaries are terrorists and therefore we should move ahead, Gilani told CNN-IBN in his first TV interview after the Mumbai terror attacks. Things are stuck with the Mumbai incident - the matter is already sub judice with the courts (in Pakistan). We certainly condemn terrorism and believe that neither India nor Pakistani soil should be used against each other. We are victims of terrorism and you know how we are fighting the war on terror. There are 101 Mumbai-like incidents in Pakistan after that (26/11), said PM Gilani. I think dialogue is the only answer. We are both responsible nations and we can move forward - we cant afford war. I think only way forward is talks. PM Gilani said he had a very good meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Sharm-el-Shaikh summit. We discussed all issues and we had an understanding that we both are suffering from terrorism. He was hopeful that India and Pakistan would talk to each other in 2010. I believe politics is a day-to-day affair, and I certainly hope we will certainly move forward for a composite dialogue. Gilani downplayed the outrage in Pakistan against the countrys cricketers being snubbed by the Indian Premier League. I think it is the mood of the parliament; the mood of the public and we have to follow their point of view as well. I think with time things will be all right, he said.