ISLAMABAD - No solution to the energy crisis is possible until and unless line losses are controlled that the government has totally ignored and the fact is that national kitty is suffering a burden of more than Rs 160 billion every year due to this factor.

As per experts, the main reason behind power crisis is shortage of funds that do not let power sector to improve. As per sources, the problem is not that sources are not available or generation capacity is decreased too much but the fact is that the government cannot generate electricity due to non-availability of funds. Funds can only be obtained at the moment by controlling line losses and theft of electricity.

Overall more than Rs 160 billion is going in line losses that are making it impossible for the government to eliminate circular debt that actually is destroying the whole power sector.

But the government has totally turned deaf ears to the repeated calls of the energy sector experts that these losses must be stopped otherwise there is no bright future of power sector in the country and sufferings of masses would increase every day. Now the interesting thing is that Sukkur division is on the top in line losses and power theft and Larkana also is in the same region that is too not behind in power theft in any way. Leaders are also not considering the fact that it is cause of defamation for them and their late leader Benazir Bhutto Shaheed that this area is on the top in power theft and they are doing nothing to make the situation better.

In Sukkur and Larkana region the line losses are around 38 per cent that can be called highest in the whole world and it is an understanding that more than 50 per cent is theft in the given figure of losses. In Peshawar, the figure is also same.  Then comes KESC with 36-38 per cent. Hyderabad falls on fourth position, scoring 22 per cent line losses.

The overall line losses during 2010-11 were 20.6 per cent that was the waste of around 16 billion units. It is also pertinent to mention here that lines losses increased during the said period as compared to previous year when 15.5 billion units were lost.

The sources said that if the average price of a unit is calculated as Rs 10 that might be more but not less. The nation suffered from the loss of at least Rs 160 billion that might touch Rs 200 billion soon as the electricity cost is increasing every day.