PESHAWAR – The affectees of military operation in Bara, Khyber Agency, Saturday urged the government to end the prolonged curfew and immediately halt the ongoing operation and warned of holding a protest demonstration and a sit-in on January 30 outside the Governor House.

Addressing a news conference here at press club on Thursday, chairman of a self-made group Tehreek-e-Mutasireen Bara, Shah Faisal Afridi said that thousands of the affectees as well as tribal people hailing from Khyber Agency will participate in the sit-in.

He said the unending and unannounced curfews in the area had been clamped for 30 months, adding that innocent people including women and children were targeted in the operation. “In the history of the world such prolonged curfew has not been witnessed,” he lamented.

Flanked by Sohail Afridi, Maqbali, Ikhtiyar Afridi, and others, he said that activists of different political parties including Bara effectees staying at Jalozai refugee camp or in others areas will be part of the protest sit-in. “Hundred of children and women were maimed and over dozens innocent tribal people in the agency are being killed on daily basis,” he claimed, adding that

“The security forces open indiscriminate to retaliate to the miscreants but the mortar shells fall on residential areas, caused dozens children, women and innocent people casualties and maimed”.   

Besides, Sohail said due to operation homes had completely been destroyed, businesses of the people closed since the operation launched, thousands of residents of the agency dislocated to Jalozai camp and others were stranded because of curfew.

He said there were 12,000 shops in the agency and thousands of tribal people even from Peshawar city were associated with them to earn livelihood for their families, which he added were closed and tribal people rendered jobless despite the fact that there was no sources for income provided by the government.

They said before operation, there was peace and only two or three people in the agency had been killed by each other rivals once in a year but now Bara had become battle field wherein they added only residents were the target.

He said the history was witnessed that the tribal people rendered sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan but the government of the country selected tribal belt for so-called war on terror just to appease US and accumulate dollars.

They demanded of the government to extend the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) status to the military operation affectees of tehsil Bara, and halt the illogical military operation by giving them compensation for their damaged house and businesses.