Rawalpindi - Tout mafia has taken over the Excise Office in Rawalpindi due to negligence of the department.

The agents have fixed rates for different tasks like car registration number, transfer and tokens, and Rs 200 is charged for entering the office.

The excise and taxation officers have appointed their own agents who collect bribe for them outside the office. They are involved in illegal settlement with the applicants.

It was found during a survey that the whole staffs of the Excise and Taxation Office is involved in the fraud. The tout mafia has almost taken over the office and is continuously looting the applicants on the behest of their officers.

The tout mafia has a complete list of rates for every work. When a regular applicant applies under legal procedure, he has to spend whole day in a queue as the stronghold of tout mafia, a lot of people cannot get their problems solved. The mafia basically collects bribe for their officers and give favours to the applicants for legal and illegal work in a very short time. They have a quick approach to the senior officers who are the signing authorities.

Applicants, who want to get registration numbers for new cars, can easily make a deal with these agents, as there is no procedure of car checking and no need to waste whole day for a single work. Employees of the Excise Department take money from the applicants after the bank timings and deposit the money through their tout agents in the banks by keeping their commission out of it.

The excise officers and their agents are looting the public every day and there is no proper check and balance on them to stop these corrupt and illegal activities.