The recently reported rape cases of young female children of age 3 years or so rings an alarm bell of the deteriorating moral fabric of our society. To a large extent our scores of TV channels daily show indecent T.V. ads often of Indian film origin that are shameful and downright lewd.

Such projections are shown in both urban and rural areas to a vast multitude of people in a sensational way that encourages the receptive wayward minds of people towards unheard of cases of rape of not only young girls but also of boys with mortal results of murder committed by rapists. We must censor all immoral TV ads showing provocative dances by actresses that inflame the passions of those persons who have a disease in their heart so that our nation is not exposed to the obscene Indian culture of films that is playing havoc with our youth who are adopting a hedonistic way of life far removed from the Islamic norms of a righteous society.


Lahore, January 26.