On 10 October 2011, Mr. Haqqani was summoned, and he tendered resignation. Mr. Mansoor Ijaz was pressed to obtain Haqqani’s assurance that President Zardari had approved the offer contained in Memo. At that moment Attorney General for Pakistan said, “The matter is pending before Parliamentary Committee in National Security, we should wait for results of the Committee’s proceedings. (press reports of 3 Dec, 2011)”.

Now, after about two months’ suspense, Interior Minister, Rehman Malik and Mansoor Ijaz are the major actors on the screen. Malik says that Ijaz has become scared; he is not a brave and honest man and that he is not ready to come to Pakistan. While Ijaz was getting ready to arrive in Pakistan on 24 January 2012, he was dispatched messages of not getting the security as he would wish. The clear-cut commitment of the Counsel for Ijaz was not being offered before his arrival at the land of Pakistan. This scared Mr. Mansoor Ijaz to the bone. He was further alarmed when the Prime Minister Gilani spoke that “A Viceroy’s Protocol” cannot be made available. Such messages drove him to stay away from Pakistan. Thus Mr. Rehman Malik and the Prime Minister succeeded in their mission, as they were wary of Memo-scandal.


Rawalpindi, January 25.