LAHORE – Chief Minister  Shahbaz Sharif has said that due to “polio of corruption”, poverty and unemployment have increased. “Wrong policies of corrupt rulers have caused serious crises of electricity and gas. Had an effective planning been done for generating energy from coal and bagasse instead of running after the rental power projects, the country would have been saved from the situation it is now in,” said Shahbaz while talking to media persons after inaugurating a 3-day polio campaign here on Saturday.

Shahbaz Sharif said that polio has been eliminated in most countries of the world but the disease of polio is still existed in some countries, and, unfortunately, Pakistan is also included in these countries. He said that Punjab government is making strenuous efforts for completely eliminating polio from the province for the last three and a half years and the campaign of eradication of polio has yielded positive results. He disclosed that Punjab province is taking lead in controlling polio and target of hundred percent elimination of polio from the province will definitely be achieved. He asked all stakeholders and civil society to extend helping hand to the government for achieving the target of elimination of polio.

Shahbaz said that country is rich in resources but the policies of rulers based on greed, selfishness and dishonesty have brought the country to the verge of disaster.  He said had the sincere effort been made to overcome the energy crisis, there would not have been a shortfall of 5,000MW in supply and demand. He said that vast reserves of coal are available in Sindh, Khyber-PK and Balochistan. Shahbaz said that there are 72 sugar mills in Pakistan and had a policy of generating electricity through bagasse made then about 2,500MW electricity would have been generated through it. Replying to question regarding the claims of federal government for overcoming the crises in six months, the CM said that these claims tantamount to hoodwink the masses.