ISLAMABAD  - The World Bank (WB) is likely to remain engaged in the critical issues of revenue mobilization etc. through analytical work, ongoing projects and exploring results based operations.

Although the Bank may not be able to provide policy support to Pakistan given the weak conditions for macro-economic reform but expected to provide continued support for evolving federal and provincial priorities under each of the four Country Partnership Support(CPS) pillars. “The Bank will also review provincial level expenditures and revenue generation opportunities. Key infrastructure projects, particularly hydropower, irrigation and urban will be expedited to both strengthen the basis for long term growth and provide near term employment opportunities,” said the Bank report.

A health sector operation in Punjab will provide a good basis to deepen our dialogue on critical reforms with other provinces. The Bank will also seek to finalize the multi-sectoral strategy for nutrition and look for entry points for investments during the remaining CPS period. Based on analytical work, we will further develop our program in agriculture productivity and water and strengthen engagement in all provinces.