A non-profit organisation working in health field held a seminar on ‘Prevention and Awareness of Hepatitis’ here on Wednesday.

Citizens of the area participated in the seminar. EDO Health Dr Khalid, DO Health Dr Arshad, Dr Mehdi and other medical officers were also present. Addressing the seminar, Citizen Front President Malak Ejaz said Hepatitis was growing at an alarming rate with citizens at an increasing risk. The disease causes damage to lever cell followed by cancer. If not cured at the initial stage, it gets chronic and many cases which may lead to death.

With the help of slides, he gave description of various types of hepatitis and how their virus transmits from one person to other. He also gave information of symptoms of the disease. He advised the participants to get them checked before the much damage was done to your lever. He said most of the Pakistani people were infected with hepatitis due to frequent use of therapeutic injections, re-use of syringes, inappropriate sterilization practices and poor hospital waste management.

EDO and DO health also spoke on the occasion. They further elaborated the causes of transmission of the disease and precautionary measures. At the end, question-answer session was held. The medical officers satisfied the participants by giving answers. The medical officers also made it clear that Hepatitis did not transmit from one person to another with touching. It only transmits when virus enters the body through injection, with razors when getting haircut or shave, sharing tooth brush, intercourse. Impression that hepatitis is caused with water is totally baseless, they added.

On the other side, the Health Department with joint collaboration of the Micronutrient Initiative held training session to strengthen the monitoring mechanisms of sanitary inspectors. The training was conducted by USI Field Officer Humayon Khawaja from MI and District Sanitary Inspector Mushtaq Ahmed Bhatti from health department.

Forty-five sanitary inspectors attended the workshop. In the workshop SI’s were trained how to implement and monitor universal salt iodization programme in their relevant areas. District Health Officer Dr Ziaullah Siddiqi educated the participants that salt iodization method is the simplest, effective and most economical method to provide important nutrient to every citizen. He further added, “We are responsible to implement USI programme in our district and save our district suffering from physical and psychological ill effects of iodine deficiency.”

The training was facilitated directly by Dr Khalid Pervaiz Khawaja. He emphasised the importance of iodine and told the participants that deficiency of iodine may cause still birth, abortions and birth of mental retarded children in women and generally deaf and dumpiness, stunning growth and goiter are the main harms. He further added that they were responsible to implement the law regarding the production and sale of non iodized salt in the district at any cost.