LAHORE - Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) will hold strike against the formation of military courts today (Thursday) and will mark the day as black day across the country.

The strike was announced by newly elected vice-chairman of PBC Azam Nazir Tarar during a press conference held on Wednesday. Tarar said that 21st amendment had changed the basic structure of the Constitution which would have serious implications on the justice system of the country.  He said such constitutional change in democratic setup had made the whole nation disappointed. The lawyers, Tarar said, would never accept military courts which are against the spirit of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. He further said that the governments did not comply with the orders of the courts and instead blamed the judiciary that it had failed to deliver justice.

“Execution is not the concerns of the judiciary; it is the duty of the executive to get the orders of the courts implemented,”, said Azam Nazir Tarar.  Thousands of condemned prisoners were waiting their turns in the jails as the government did not comply with the orders of the courts and did not execute them, he said.

He urged the state authorities to recognize black-sheep among them and ensure unity against all such kind of unconstitutional moves started to destabilize the administrative system of the country.

Tarar offered his honorary services to the government of Pakistan to amend the existing laws but requested the state authorities to condemn the military courts which were, according to him, against the Constitution, so that the people of the country could get justice.

He also rejected the process of appointment of judges saying that they would call back their members in judicial commissions if the appointment process was not made transparent. Judges’ appointment was very sensitive matter but many mistakes were being committed in their appointment, he said. He appreciated role of media during tough times.